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Lyrics Sam Fischer All My Loving

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Lyrics Sam Fischer All My Loving

 Sam Fischer All My Loving Lyrics


I’m a wreck

broken down

stuck in an honest conversation I can’t work out

The worse it sounds the more i’m wondering how


Can you forgive this mess

I’m making now

Turning this house into a land of broken vows

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said that I would change



Turn over the page

Before it’s too late

I don’t wanna see you questioning

Is your heart alright

is your heart right

I want you to wait

And say it’s okay

Yeah I want to tell you everything

Just hold on



I’ll give you answers

I’ll find a way

To give you all my loving

I’ll give you embers 

I’ll give you flames

I’ll give you all my loving

I’ll give you all of me 



Out of sight

Behind my eyes

I’m trying my best to paint a picture that you might like

But I cant find myself the way I want, if I could change i’d





I just need some time

To get it right

get it right

I dont know why

I dont know why

My heart can’t say what’s on my mind